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This is an example application based on GitHub that's meant to model GitHub's permissions system. The app is implemented in a number of backend languages, which all expose a common API that is consumed by a React frontend (in the frontend/ folder).

For more information, check out one of the backend implementations linked below.



Running the frontend

$ cd frontend
$ yarn
$ yarn start


  • TypeScript / React / Reach Router


The backends all run on port 5000, and use cookies to manage sessions.

If you want to be able to debug/test the backend without running the frontend and logging in, you can use the following to save a session locally:

Save the cookies

curl -c gitclub.cookies -H "Content-Type: application/json" -X POST -d '{"email": ""}' localhost:5000/session

Use the cookies

curl -b gitclub.cookies localhost:5000/orgs/1