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mbailey-eh commented Apr 29, 2019

Is it possible to update the documentation with more detail for getting started? For example, it says to modify the ".env" file but doesn't list where it is and a file search for "*.env" returns nothing. The only one that seems to be present is /usr/lib/node_modules/@primecms/cli/template/_.env on CentOS7 which has jinja2 syntax for the database but doesn't seem to affect anything when changed and

aaronfulkerson commented Aug 12, 2019

Issue type:

[ ] question
[ ] bug report
[ ] feature request
[x] documentation issue

Database system/driver:

[ ] cordova
[ ] mongodb
[ ] mssql
[ ] mysql / mariadb
[ ] oracle
[x] postgres
[ ] cockroachdb
[ ] sqlite
[ ] sqljs
[ ] react-native
[ ] expo

TypeORM version:

[x] latest
[ ] @next
[ ] 0.x.x (or put your version here)

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