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Centralized schema & data deployment on a multi-everything topology
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Outbrain Propagator

Propagator is a schema & data deployment tool that works on a multi-everything topology:

  • Multi-server: push your schema & data changes to multiple instances in parallel
  • Multi-role: different servers have different schemas
  • Multi-environment: recognizes the differences between development, QA, build & production servers
  • Multi-technology: supports MySQL, Hive (Cassandra on the TODO list)
  • Multi-user: allows users authenticated and audited access
  • Multi-planetary: TODO

It makes for a centralized deployment control, allowing for tracking, auditing and management of deployed scripts.

It answers such questions as "Who added column 'x' to table 't' and when?", "Was that column added to the build & test servers?"; "It's not there; was there a failure? What was the failure?". It provides with: "OK, let's deploy it on all machines"; "There was some error and it's fixed now. Let's deploy again on this paritular instance"; "We already deployed this manually; so let's just mark it as 'deployed'".

Propagator is developed at Outbrain to answer for the difficulty in managing schema changes made by dozens of developers on a multi-everything topology in continuous delivery.

Propagator is released as open source under the Apache 2.0 license. Find project code in GitHub:

Developed by Shlomi Noach.

Documentation: installation, setup, usage

Please read the Propagator Manual

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