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OUYA Developer Documentation
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android Added example screenshot
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corona Added virtual controller example
enable_xiaomi_support Updated game list
game-maker Added permissions and library info
html5 Show safe area in example
marmalade Show receipts
ouya-everywhere-android-java Updated example screenshots
ouya-everywhere-monogame Added section for NuGet packages
ouya-everywhere-unity Updated ids
setup Updated docs on adding the Android SDK to the path and the screenshot…
unreal Updated id in screenshot Update Added link to Flixel Added section for admob Added PVRTexTool to resources Fix maven coords Update Update Mention new CC sample app Updated example init ids Added vertify info Controller doc cleanup Added link to Lua docs Update Added show notes for 6/8 Updated link to 1503 More formatting fixes Added permissions and library info Update Updated example init ids Update Update Merge branch 'master' of Added some libGDX example code for getting a controller button texture Update Added reboot note Updated MonoGame link Updated engine name Added links for the profiler Fixed typo Updated docs per forum feedback and api changes Updated docs on adding the Android SDK to the path and the screenshot… Update Fix link to vimeo Update storage notes. Added Xiaomi to table of contents, renamed MMF2 Added link to Forge Release Removed platform specific exe Initial checkin of ODK 2.0 upgrade documentation Removed broken image Adding missing text Update

OUYA Developer Documentation

Here are the source files for the Developer Documentation for the OUYA Video Game Console.

We render and display them on our Developer Portal at

Please help us make improvements. We encourage you to contribute content and corrections via pull requests.

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