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Studio Controls

This is a small application to allow setting up audio for (semi)pro
audio work.

The application first checks to see if application will have access to
memory locking and real time priorities. If not, a warning is displayed
and a checkbox allows repairing this. After repairing this the user needs
to log out and back in for the new setting to have effect, there is
a warning to this effect.

It is assumed that jack will run at session start and not be stopped till
session end. However, it is possible to override this.

USB mics have started to make their way into bedroom studios and have been
a problem with jack or ALSA oriented audio applications which expect
to work with only one audio device. The user expects to use their USB
mic for input and internal audio for monitoring. These two devices have
no way of being in sync with each other and in most cases cannot be
used together. This application allows setting one jack device and adding
a second device as a jack client via zita-ajbridge.

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