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`phplint` is a tool that can speed up linting of php files by running several lint processes at once.

Release Status Latest Stable Version Total Downloads License FOSSA Status

Version Status Requirements
9.x Active development PHP >= 8.0
6.x Active support PHP >= 8.2
5.x Active support PHP >= 8.1
4.x Active support PHP >= 8.0
3.x End Of Life PHP >= 7.4

NOTE if you have an older version of PHP lower than 8.0, we recommend to use the latest version 3.4.0

Major version 9.0 is a full code rewrites that have the same source code (main branch) for all PHP 8.x versions (4.x, 5.x or 6.x), with lot of improvement, full documentation, and full unit code tested.

Table of Contents

  1. Installation
    1. Requirements
    2. PHAR
    3. Docker
    4. Phive
    5. Composer
  2. Usage
  3. Configuration
  4. Upgrading
  5. Contributing
  6. Architecture

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Many thanks to Jetbrains for kindly providing a license for me to work on this and other open-source projects.

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