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Feel free to edit this page and put a link to your publicly available Minecraft world in the "User-Contributed Maps" section! (your map may be removed if the link becomes broken or your map is inaccessible)

OB Minecraft Server Maps : generated twice daily for all servers. Maps show realtime player makers using a small piece of javascript and a home grown plugin to output player world and coordinates.

Official Overviewer Example Map (ExMaple) : regenerated every night from the latest Overviewer code and on-demand at developer's request; always uses every rendermode, no mods, no changes, just vanilla Overviewer

Official Overviewer World of Warcraft Map : This was the World Of Warcraft project lead by RamsesA and the Cursecraft team. We host the wow map with a slightly customized version of Overviewer, but its roughly 26gigs in size and we had to make some changes to support the massive height variations in this map.

User-contributed Maps (add your link here!)

  • Giant to-scale custom map of the earth (27k*13k blocks) : Modless server, clean render of the earthmap on Build your own ships, subs, aircraft, tanks, carriers, helicopters, and more in our creative shipyard world and spawn them to fight other players with custom weapons and navigational controls in our giant realistic earth map. Join on 1.12 -

  • Polhems School in Gävle & Swedish mapping cadastral and land registration authority : Students at the Polhems School in Gävle have built an exact copy of houses and buildings in Minecraft based on the map-information from the Swedish mapping cadastral and land registration authority.

  • Swedish mapping caastral and land registration authority : Here you can download files to Minecraft for all Sweden's municipalities, the resolution is 8x8 meters per block. You can find the municipalities via text or map search below. You can download all Sweden's municipalities in a single file - but note that the download file size is 11GB as compressed and becomes approximately 114GB when it is packed.

  • It's a hARDA world Lord of the Rings mod server Publicly accessible server using Forge with the Lord of the Rings and More Player Models mods. The 73 GB region files are rendered as a 424 GB map (yes, it's a huge one!). It is updated every night. It uses a modified version of The Overviewer in order to support the hundreds of blocks added by the LOTR mod. All information on our website: you are all welcome onboard!

  • Wynncraft : A custom made MMORPG server with a highly customized map which dynamically adds icons from quest files and allows players to see themselves in game (detected by IP).

  • : A highly customized Overviewer-rendered map of the popular MineZ server. Searchable location markers, loot chest locations, MineZ wiki integration, Rei's minimap waypoint list exporter, and more!

  • : A small-ish multiplayer server frequented by a husband-and-wife team and their friends. Lots of custom POI icons, most of which can be toggled on or off. Updated every week or so.

  • : 1.4 vanilla public server. will render many maps, including an example chunk with many block types visible; usually contains most plugins that are available in the Available Modifications wiki page for the latest overviewer branch.

  • : One of the oldest german creative server. This livemap has markers and a userlist.

  • : Small 7 person server map. ~19000 chunks ~150MB output size. Generated using nice -n19 python ~/world/ /super/workspace/

  • Langfordia : Midsize map on a private server. ~17000 chunks, automated incremental updates every three hours take ~10 minutes. c10t-generated flat maps are also publicly viewable.

  • Kingdom Plantar: Small private survival server, ~5 people.

  • : Growing world with ~5 players. Tourist attractions include the airship, the lighthouse, and several active water features.

  • : A semi-private Spigot server. Map is rendered once an hour, and served via AWS S3 bucket.

  • Weenmebrown Just a private server, me and some friends. Updates every hour. Running Overviewer from Ubuntu Server 16.04 and hosting the same server with Apache. Whole thing takes about 15 minutes total initial render. Updates run about 2 minutes. Running it with Xeon processors has paid off!

  • BradCraft Map & BradCraft Website Public spigot server features EpicWorldGenerator terrain. Maps are rendered once every 4 hours. Notable configuration options can be found at My Github Page. As of 29/06/2016 the size is currently 2.8GB for 1000x1000 filled in Lobby,world,world_nether,The_end. We recently inherited another server's map and are looking for smaller perhaps jpg solutions to offer those refugees map generation.

  • Preta Realm Private server among friends, updates at 4am GMT. Pretty bland, yay.

  • The Land of OBOY About 10 people doing fun builds nonstop in vanilla survival. Map updates every hour; mines/nether update once per day.

  • Barts World - Minecraft 1.13 2 People in vanilla survival on Ubuntu 18.04 running Overviewer with Minecraft113 pull request - updated once per day.

Not Available

  • : Private survival and creative server for friends and family. Two survival worlds and one creative with different sizes and direction rendered with smooth day. Updates every 12 hours.

  • : A preview of a work-in-progress update to Overviewer to add support for HD texture rendering. This was rendered at 256x256 pixels per block vs the default 24x24. This small map (crop: (-50, 240, 75, 365)) took 11.8 GB of RAM and 10+ minutes to render on a Core i7 system and consumes 6.3 GB of disk space for storing the images. I recommend you don't go higher than 128 pixels for the texture size as there is really no need to zoom in quite this far. This is rendered using the Enhanced Photo Realism 256x256 HD resource pack.

  • : Multiple small creative and survival worlds with different sizes with smooth day/night mode. Updates every 5-6 hours.

  • : Awesome, huge map ~500,000 chunks, day and night mode with biomes and full lighting. Continuous incremental updates on quad i5, world directory on ramdrive, tile output on twin SSD drives in RAID-1. Map occupies ~20GB, cache around 200GB.

  • Petit Serveur FR : Private survival server. ~7 players. Web site here. Runs WarpMarkers and PlayerMarkers. Map size: 11.8 GB, world size 805M. Updated every 3 hours.

  • : Creative, Survival and 'Starting/Noob' worlds in day and night modes. The Survival map is ~350km2 using around 110gb of storage. A full render takes ~30 hours. Server is Australian based and using SSD's etc. Higher than default maxzoom, shows in-game time.

  • : Private server. Requires around 2 hours for a full render (night, lighting and a couple of overlays using render mode options). World ~250MB, Output ~5.0GB. Updated every 4 hours.

  • : Small private server map.

  • : Four small worlds. Runs ChatterCraft and WarpMarkers. Map size: 3.2 GB, world size 462M.

  • LFT-Minecraft: Private survival server. Live since May 2011 with 60+ registered users running on a vanilla Minecraft server.

  • Private survival map, <10 people, running vanilla Minecraft.

  • whitelist-only small server with ~7-8 players; running on a small vps (2cores, 1gb ram); full render ~25 mins, update ~6min

  • Medieval Fantasy map by dancsa222

  • moonlight: Private survival server.

  • UnionCraft: Small Private survival server, 3-6 people updated every weekday. Includes Cave Render. Map Size 1.2GB, full render ~20 minutes, Update ~5 minutes. Lots of Markers including animals and signs

  • MineCraft Muffin - Medium sized Feed the Beast Public Server, Approx 140 players total at this time. Running on 2x Intel 2.90GHz quad-core Xeons, 32GB RAM. Collective World size 5.4GB, Rendered map size 34.2GB. Full Render ~6 Hours, Update 15 Minutes (Scheduled task that runs every 3 hours). Just started adding markers and have got Player Markers to work correctly. Custom script to add last rendered time and next run time to Overviewer map.

  • BananaWorld 23/03/2015 Private survival server.

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