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The main build for the Oxford Sakai deployment, locally called WebLearn.
branch: sakai-10.x

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access @ 0c5c73f
admin-reporting @ 4ebf9e1 Upgrade admin reporting.
alias @ 13c77a4 Add all mirror submodules
ambrosia @ 6ceedad WL-3165
announcement @ 39b676e Revert "WL-3658 : Replace 'My Workspace' with 'My Dashboard' in *en_G…
archive @ 3c10102
assignment @ 8a5ce3c
authz @ 0407f0b
basiclti @ e8f4df9 WL-3268 WL-3682
calendar @ 64d0029
chat @ 18735de
citations @ dda90f8
common @ 578e6aa
config @ 6237537
content @ a8f7298
content-review @ bedbca2
content-sync @ 0f25f2f WL-3594
courier @ fa097bd
course-signup @ e35af90 WL-3721
current-load @ 72290e9
dav @ 2cad11f WL-3765
delegatedaccess @ f49603d
edu-services @ 34c5e4a
emailtemplateservice @ 91f4679 Add all mirror submodules
entitybroker @ 13ed8af
etudes-util @ 160806f Correct mneme build issues
evaluation @ cbc3f16 WL-3757
external-calendaring-service @ 450e406
external-groups @ 2dcafe9 WL-3828
feedback @ 225b859
gradebook @ 5e845a8
help @ eb344f8
hierarchy @ 8875704
jobscheduler @ 98a5786
jsf @ 528c504 Updated JSF
kernel @ 7df5eca
lessonbuilder @ 10886b2
login @ 5ea69f9
mailarchive @ 5f96155
mailsender @ c1b0364 WL-2179
master @ 404cfef
memory @ 3725b42 Add all mirror submodules
message @ 3e86a89 WL-1026 WL-3518
metaobj @ 7368054
mneme @ 91c709e
msgcntr @ b188619 SAK-25009 Forums / url wrapping text
oauth @ 3a5b05c Fix for oauth plugins not found
oxam @ b87ff08
oxford-url-shortener @ fe52ef0 Fix pom references
oxford Add back the proxy to the build and deploy artifacts.
pack @ 5306a4b Fix for pack-build to 10-SNAPSHOT
podcasts @ 547cf01 WL-3578
polls @ 91c25ac
portal @ 5648650
presence @ f498783
profile2 @ 61b6964
providers @ 95bed8e WL-3781
reference @ 2948169 WL-3585
reset-pass @ 97eb72a
rights @ 04ca862
roster2 @ 0b52932 WL-3662/SAK-27501
rwiki @ 87a6cdb
sakai-mock @ 3bbe6e6
samigo @ 8b38920 WL-36887
search @ 63ff0b8 WL-3612
sections @ e7815b5 WL-3578
shortenedurl @ c8c7d8c WL-3090
signup @ da74dc9 WL-3676
simple-signup @ 467176a
sirlouie @ 9683fe6 Update sirlouie for jenkins clean build
site @ c008e8d
site-manage @ 8697fb3
sitestats @ 1549ac4 WL-3307
syllabus @ 8d5b9dc
taggable @ 7d2c0bd
termdates @ 1d02e58 Lock down the compiler version in termdates.
tetraelf-hierarchy @ 34a6363 WL-3819
textarea @ 51c593d
tool @ b4409f2 WL-3578
turnitin @ 5ca5696
user @ af27ce7 WL-533
userauditservice @ d92504e
usermembership @ 9d1bddb
velocity @ ea3030d Pull in newer velocity to get SAK-25746
warehouse @ 949df50
web @ 6fdffd0 WL-3658 : Revert "Replace 'My Workspace' with 'My Dashboard' in *en_G…
webservices @ ba6203d Switch back to mirror for webservices
.externals Updated externals for sakai-10.x
.gitmodules Local repository for chat
.svnignore NOJIRA adjust .svnignore to ignore intellij files
ECLv2-header-template.txt SAK-23746 updated stale links for description of ECLv2.
LICENSE Increment to final 2.10-ox2.1 build
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