Automate wallpaper changing for Unity/Gnome. Fetches images from any specified multireddit.
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What is it?:

A python script to change my desktop wallpaper picked from reddit.


  • Must only fetch 1920x1080 pixel images. (Implemented in v0.0.1)
  • Looks from a list of definied subbredits. (uses public MultiReddits) (Implemented in v0.0.1)
  • Maintains a list of previously used wallpapers to avoid duplicates. (Implemented in v0.0.2)


  • Unity/Gnome Shell 3
  • Python 3+ : sudo apt-get install python3
  • requests : pip3 install requests
  • praw : pip3 install praw


You can find the latest release here.
Use master branch for development purposes only.

# cd to directory where you want to install
cd ~/.apps
tar -zxvf wallPy-0.0.2.tar.gz
cd wallPy-0.0.2

Now you can use virtualenv to install required packages locally.

virtualenv venv
source venv/bin/activate
pip3 install -r requirements.txt

Now run the app


I'll soon be uploading to pypi so that all this mess can be avoided. Bare with me till then.

TO Do's

  • Upload to PyPI
  • Make use of configuration files to get subbredit list/multireddit/username.
  • Store a hash of previously used images, to avoid duplicates. (Implemented in v0.0.2)