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Learn to Code

Each year Oxford University CompSoc runs an introductory programming course in Python. This repositories contains all of the code samples used in the 2020 course.

To run these code samples you will need Python 3. For the sessions we recommend using IDLE, a piece of software which comes pre-installed with Python. Alternatively you can run the samples in a terminal via:


See the Notes for Session 0 for instructions on setting this up.

If you can't get Python installed on your computer, we recommend using this online environment instead.

Each folder contains some notes on what we did during the session, exercises, and their solutions.

Table of Contents

Session Week Notes Slides
Session 0: Installing Python N/A Notes N/A
Session 1: Introduction: What can you do with Python? Python syntax, variables, if statements 2 Notes Slides
Session 2: While loops, Lists 3 Notes Slides
Session 3: For loops, More Lists, Dictionaries 4 Notes Slides
Session 4: Functions 5 Notes Slides
Session 5: Object Oriented Programming 6 TBA TBA
Session 6: Intro to Data Science with Python 7 TBA TBA

Running your own Learn to Code

You are more than welcome to use these materials to run your own version of Learn to Code! We would ask that you adhere to the spirit of Learn to Code, meaning in particular that any course run is as free and as open as possible. In particular, please note that these materials are offered under the GPL license. This means that if you use these materials as any part of your own course then you must freely publish all the materials for that course under the same GPL license.

Please refer to COPYING for more details on the license.


Individual session resources for each Learn to Code session




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