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A sample maven project using the Web Author Component
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A sample Maven project using the Web Author Component.

This project generates a .war by overlaying the Web Author Component and adding frameworks and plugins to it.

Migrating oxygen-sdk-samples project to use web-author-component and web-author-framewors

A step by step procedure can be found here


Before running the XML Web Author Component, you need to register for the Oxygen XML SDK at and ask for a development license from


Plugins added as Maven dependencies:

  • web-author-webdav-plugin
  • web-author-webdav-server-plugin
  • web-author-charpicker-plugin
  • web-author-svg-plugin
  • web-author-mathml-plugin
  • web-author-rest-plugin

Adding new plugins

The project bundles all it's dependencyes that have the plugin classifier so that if the plugin has this classifier, you just need to declare a dependency on it. You can use the plugins already added as examples.

The application also automatically bundles all the folders from the web-author-component-integration/plugins/ directory (you will have to create it) as plugins so that you can copy the desired plugin(s) in it.


Frameworks already added through Maven dependencies:

  • dita
  • dockbook
  • mathml
  • svg
  • tei
  • xhtml
  • xhtml11

Adding new frameworks

The project bundles all the frameworks from the web-author-frameworks artifact. To add a new framework that is a Maven artifact, you just need to unpack it in the ${}/frameworks/ directory during the generate-resources Maven phase (this is what is done with web-author-frameworks).

The application also automatically bundles all the content of the web-author-component-integration/frameworks/ directory (you will have to create it) as frameworks so that you can copy the desired framework(s) in it.

Copyright and License

Copyright 2018 Syncro Soft SRL.

This project is licensed under Apache License 2.0

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