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  • Added Croatian translation
  • Added Italian translation
  • Fixed issue when pasting to would result in a different item paste
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    • Fixed an issue when the application wouldn't launch at login in macOS 12 beta 5+
    • Fixed an issue when unpinned items would be shown before search field after deletion
    • Fixed constraints breaking warnings when the search field is hidden
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  • Added an ability to change pinned items hotkey and title (see Preferences -> Pins for details)
  • Added an ability to ignore copies based on the source application (see Preferences -> Ignore for details)
  • Added an option to clear unpinned items on quit (see Preferences -> Advanced for details)
  • Improved search by highlighting matching parts in bold font
  • Improved multi-line copies by showing as a newline character
  • Improved compatibility with macOS Big Sur
  • Improved compatibility with macOS Monterey
  • Updated auto-update components to support Apple Silicon natively
  • Fixed an issue when filenames with non-US characters would be shown encoded
  • Fixed several issues related to pinned items
  • Fixed intermittent crashes on new copies
  • Fixed an issue when removing history item would leave its contents in the database
  • Fixed an issue when the menubar icon could not be selected with Tab
  • Fixed an issue when pressing ⌘-V would not paste into the search field
  • Fixed an issue when menubar popup opened on mouse up, not mouse down
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    • Improved performance of fuzzy search for large data (#244)
    • Improved non-QWERTY keyboard layouts support (#170)
    • Added an option to stop asking for confirmation when clearing history (#249)
    • Fixed an issue causing popup position in "Screen center" to be wrong in a multi-monitor setup (#163)
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    • Allow to customize what data types should be saved (files, images, text) (#134, #237)
    • Ask for confirmation when clearing history (#208)
    • Allow to copy/paste when search field is manually focused (#192)
    • Fix a bug that prevent some pasteboard types from being ignored (#241)
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    • Support for Apple Silicon (arm64) (#199)
    • Improved compatibility with Big Sur (icon size, preferences appearance)
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    • Allow pasting into the search (#192)
    • Migrated from CocoaPods to Swift Package Manager
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    • Align +/- signs on buttons in Advanced preferences window on Big Sur (#201)
    • Align menu icon text to the left
    • Fix a UI glitch of menu icon text being mispositioned when it contains newline characters
    • Properly position popup when it's configured to show at menu icon (#201)
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    • Allow showing currently copied item next to the menu bar icon (#152)
    • Allow keeping the previous application focus on the popup (#180)
    • Throttle search input so that when typing fast it doesn't update results until typing is finished (#71, #13)
    • Support Norwegian localization (#190)
    • Update icon to match Big Sur
    • Fix an issue when images wouldn't be pasted if formatting is cleared by default (#195)
    • Fix an issue with disappearing pins (#193, #187)
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  • Drop support for macOS High Sierra (#161)
  • Support French localization (#181)
  • Add support for CONTROL (^) + H keybinding which removes the last characer in the search field (#174)
  • Add support for CONTROL (^) + U keybinding which clears the search field (#174)
  • Add links to website, GitHub and support to the about window
  • Fix a crash when selecting bottom pinned item when visible menu items is limited (#165)