Simplistic toy editor for D. Failed and abandoned, use anything else instead!
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Dido is a specific text editor for the D language.

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Status: Design failure. Multiple problems were met. Better start anew.

What's inside

  • Multiple cursors editing
  • dido contains a small GUI package built on top of SDL2 renderers
  • portable graphics, SDL 2.x is the only dependency:
  • minimal DUB integration

Current limitations

  • currently not configurable
  • no file browser
  • Multiple views not supported
  • only UTF-8 files support (load and save)
  • command language is very incomplete
  • currently no syntax highlighting
  • see Issues for more limitations


  • dido's internals were heavily inspired by kakoune, a much more advanced and general editor.

  • Sublime Text is an inspiration for various things like multiple cursors

  • Visual Studio is an inspiration for UI


  • Build with DUB (a 2.066+ front-end is required)
  • Use recent SDL 2.x binaries