Stratum proxy relay for mining altcoin
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Stratum Relay

See the document stratum_relay.pdf to understand how it works.

The rest of documentation is in the code :)

It is designed for python3

WARNING: this is a proof-of-concept code in alpha state

Usage [-h] [-s POOL] [-t PORT] [-u USERNAME] [-a PASSWORD]
           [-l LISTEN] [-p LISTEN_PORT] [-c CONTROL] [-x CONTROL_PORT]
           [-o LOG] [-q] [-v VERBOSE]

optional arguments:
  -h, --help       show this help message and exit
  -s POOL          Hostname of stratum mining pool
  -t PORT          Port of stratum mining pool
  -u USERNAME      Username for stratum mining pool
  -a PASSWORD      Password for stratum mining pool
  -l LISTEN        IP to listen for incomming connections (miners)
  -p LISTEN_PORT   Port to listen on for incoming connections
  -c CONTROL       IP to listen for incomming control remote management
  -x CONTROL_PORT  Control port to listen for orders
  -o LOG           File to store logs
  -q               Enable quite mode, no stdout output
  -v VERBOSE       Verbose level from 0 to 4


python3 -s -t 3333 -u 1BaE7aavLF17jj618QKYFc5x6NGxk7uBkC -a x -l -p 3334 -c -x 4444

The relay will listen on port 3334 until some miner connects. Then it will open a new connection with the origin pool.

You can use netcat or telnet to query statistics or control the relay on port


Created and currently maintained by p4u p4u(at)


BTC: 1BaE7aavLF17jj618QKYFc5x6NGxk7uBkC

Thanks ;)