:bowtie: pH7Client is a PHP Web client class that simulates a Web browser (like a Web Driver) for retrieving webpage content, login to websites and posting forms and makes them on autopilot. With pH7Client, create rules on cron to automate almost all Web routines. It is a bit like FirefoxDriver Selenium.
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pH7Client - Make your Tasks on Autopilot by Automating them!

pH7Client is a wonderful tool if you need to automate tasks (like posting articles every day to your blog, add message in a member area, etc) and save lot of times everyday! 😃 Yes! The pH7Client bot can do almost everything (you just need to create some rules and need to know the input name of the website's forms). In fact, it's a PHP Web client class that simulates a Web browser for retrieving webpage content, login to websites and posting forms, ...

Finally, you have created rules that you want to automate by pH7Client, you need to setup a cron for executing the script every X time on a server (Type crontab -e on your server Linux terminal, then add the desired cron jobs and save it). Once finished, go to the beach, order a mojito and enjoy your REAL free time that you really deserved!


.1 - The Basic one

// Include the library
require 'PH7Client.php';

use PH7\External\Http\Client\PH7Client;

$sUrl = 'http://ph2date-soft-example.com';
$sReauest1 = 'user/login/';
$sRequest2 = 'user/message_box/myuser920';
$sUser = 'test@ph2date.com';
$sPass = 'testpass123';
$sBody = "Hey! What's up today? Psst! I'm a bot but I may understand you...";

$oPH7CMSApi = new PH7Client($sUrl);

/***** Log a user *****/
$aLogin = [
    'identity' => $sUser,
    'password' => $sPass,
    'remember' => 'on',
    'submit' => 'Login'

// Login the user
$oPH7CMSApi->post($sReauest1, $aLogin);
// Submit the form

/***** Send a message *****/
$aMsg = ['message' => $sBody];

// Send the message
$oPH7CMSApi->post($sRequest2, ['message' => $sBody])->setHeader(false)->send();

echo $oPH7CMSApi->getResponse(); // Will show the sucessful message telling you that your msg has been send


  • PHP 5.4.0 or higher
  • cURL PHP library


I'm Pierre-Henry Soria, young PHP software developer living currently in the Wonderful Manchester city, in the UK.


You can send an email at pierrehenrysoria [AT] gmail {D0T} COM or at phy {AT} hizup [D0T] UK

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I'm building this software in order to allow people to build Amazing Social/Dating Businesses really easily with almost no money!


This project is under MIT license! Enjoy!!

Psst!! By the way, Feel free to contribute to it! If you can, That would be really amazing!