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A reader for Pelican that understands YAML-formatted metadata
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This Pelican plugin adds a reader for Markdown files with YAML metadata. YAML metadata allows for easier specification of more complex metadata, such as nested lists or dictionaries.


This plugin aims to keep things simple. Install the plugin and .md, .markdown, .mkd and .mdown files will use YAML-formatted data for their metadata.

The files must start with a --- line, contain some YAML-formatted data, and then end in either another --- or ... line. Anything between the --- lines will be interpreted as YAML and set as metadata, anything after is considered content and will be parsed according to the global markdown settings.

Example markdown file:

title: Some title
author: Some person
  - tag 1
  - tag 2
date: 2014-12-25 00:00
summary: The article summary will be __parsed__ as markdown!

This is the only text in the article.


  1. Clone the repo into your Pelican plugin directory
  2. Install the plugin requirements (pip install -r requirements.txt)
  3. Add 'pelican-yaml-metadata' to the Pelican PLUGINS list in


Licensed under the MIT license

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