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Important Informations

Techguns2 is the 1.12.2 version of Techguns. A lot of features from the 1.7.10 version have been ported over. Some new stuff got added.

Techguns does not require other mods besides forge to start anymore, but please read the section about Mod interactions below.

Discord Server

Changes to 1.7

Mod Interactions



  • Eleccore has conflicting ASM and will stop 3d items from Techguns to render correctly in JEI. Fix: remove Eleccore.

Strongly Recommended

Not required to launch, but missing out features without

Required to have chisel blocks in worldgen structures and CTM is required so techguns blocks can have connected textures.

  • Something that Generates Forge Energy

Forge Energy is pretty much RF merged into forge, most things generating RF will be compatible with FE.

Power requirement can be disabled in config though if you absolutely don't want it.

  • A mod that adds fluid pipes

without you won't be able to craft all stuff survival mode.

  • Just Enough Items (JEI)

Needed to view all recipes including machines ingame

Optional Interactions

  • FTB-Utilities (FTBU)

Used by turrets and machines to determine friends with FTBU's team system. !FTBU requires FTBLib! Recommended when playing on a server with multiple people, not needed in singleplayer.

Albedo is a lighting library that allows to use dynamic point lights in Minecraft. Techguns 2 supports this. Most guns and explosions create lights. !Might also cause slight rendering bugs sometimes! Clientside choice.

Allows customization of recipes and more. Techguns 2 supports adding/removing machine recipes. Weapon and armor stats can also be customized trough crafttweaker. TODO: <Add Description Page for CraftTweaker interaction>

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