Python XML Schema Bindings
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Latest commit e6f0026 Dec 14, 2016 @pabigot fix #69: Python regex alternation binds too tightly
XML regex like 'foo|bar' where naively converted to Python '^foo|bar$'
which matches either '^foo' or 'bar$' rather than the intended

As we don't actually care about group results enclosing the entire
expression in a group produces the expected result.


PyXB -- Python W3C XML Schema Bindings
Version 1.2.6-DEV

The source releases includes pre-built bundles for common XML namespaces,
assorted web service namespaces, and SAML.  A bundle with over 75 namespaces
related to Geographic Information Systems is also available; if you want
those, read pyxb/bundles/opengis/README.txt before installing PyXB.

Installation:  python install

Documentation: doc/html

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