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Grafana Alerts - Alerts generated using metrics from Grafana dashboards - This project is looking for a maintainer. Send me a message if you are interested.
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Grafana Alert Module

grafana-alerts Collects stats from a grafana server based on information available from the Grafana Dashboards. Then compare those values to an alert table and throws alert emails if the case is needed.


Installation package:

Project Home:

Issues and bugs:


sudo pip install grafana-alerts

if you get an error, perhaps it is because the version available is a development version. In this case try with:

sudo pip install --pre grafana-alerts


Create a file /etc/grafana_alerts/grafana_alerts.cfg with:

# Grafana alerts configuration file.

# The URL where grafana server is listening. It must finish with the character '/' (default value: http://localhost:3130)
grafana_url =

# Grafana token with viewer access (default value: empty string)
grafana_token = qwertysDssdsfsfsdfSFsfsfEWrwrwERwrewrwrWeRwRwerWRwERwerWRwerweRwrEWrWErwerWeRwRwrewerr==

# email to use as alert sender (default value: grafana-alert@localhost)
email_from =

# smtp server to use (default value: localhost)
smtp_server = localhost

# smtp server host to use (default value: 25)
# if port is not 25, starts a tls session.
smtp_port = 25

# smtp server username to use if it is needed. Optional. Leave it commented if not used. (default value: no username)
#smtp_username = my_smtp_username

# smtp server password to use if it is needed. Optional. Leave it commented if not used. (default value: no password)
#smtp_password = my_smtp_password

Add a cron task to execute grafana_alerts for example each 3 minutes::

*/3 * * * *     grafana_alerts

Monitoring Dashboards

Dashboards to be monitored for alerts must be marked with the tag "monitored"

In each monitored Dashboard, add a text panel with title 'alerts' and a description of your alerts. For example::

50<=x<=100; normal;

35<x<50; warning;

x<=35; critical;,


  • values depend of the graph in that dashboard.
  • x is mandatory.

Here is an example:


Version 1.0.0.dev7:

Version 1.0.0.dev6:

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