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Painless Continuous Delivery

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A cookiecutter for projects with continuous delivery baked in.

Supported Technologies and Services

Languages Python (generic, Django, Flask)
  Frontend Web technologies (JavaScript, CSS, Sass/SCSS)
  Java (Spring Boot)
Version Control Git
Repo Services Bitbucket
CI Services Bitbucket - Bitbucket Pipelines
  Codeship - Codeship
  GitLab CI - GitLab CI
App Platforms APPUiO (OpenShift)
  Rancher (Kubernetes)


Sample projects generated automatically on a daily basis: (field tests)


Install cookiecutter:

pip install cookiecutter

Generate a new Cookiecutter template layout:

cookiecutter gh:painless-software/painless-continuous-delivery

Under The Hood

The underscore folders, e.g. {{cookiecutter.project_slug}}/_, contain files that are used to integrate optional content through template includes or by the post generate hook, according to the choices made during the cookiecutter execution.

The generators folder contains scripts to pre-generate code skeletons that are integrated manually in this cookiecutter (e.g. framework setups).

Please refer to the README files in those folders for additional details.

How Can I Contribute?

See our contributing guide. Consult our Wiki for technology notes.


This project is brought to you by Painless Software, a best-practice consultancy in software development. Less pain, more fun.