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My personal Swiss-Army Knife Unremarcable Repo & Awesome
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updated sakura docker version

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bashrc.d Merge branch 'master' of git://
bin v2.1mwethinks
docz boh
etc 2.2.0 fixed ruby!
images gugol
lib Merge branch 'master' of
sbin i need to join them!
sounds Added awesome, again by Chris G.
sources/c test cut/paste
spec First empty test for rspec.
tasks lets see if it works now
templates initial python script with nice ARGV
test avg now has a min! Also fixed max
third-party jq and Metadata
tmp refac toring base class
.gitignore -gemspecs from Manifestwq
.pelusa.yml requires ruby1.9 for Linting
.project sakura project name, riby1.9
.travis.yml Fixing travis build (hopefully)
.vimrc Added as a quote to Boris, an astonishing Italian TV show.
CHANGELOG moved YML to YAML, dockerized the barrack
Dockerfile updated sakura docker version
Gemfile adding Facter
HISTORY.yaml moved YML to YAML, dockerized the barrack
INSTALL added 3rd option
LICENSE added license.
Makefile funge
Manifest moved YML to YAML, dockerized the barrack Added CREDITS files
Rakefile lets see if it works now
TODO OMG also the TODO is now a yaml :)
VERSION moved YML to YAML, dockerized the barrack
bashrc interesting
bashrc.local.sample opens a page with info about a certain IP
index.html moved YML to YAML, dockerized the barrack
init.rb Sakura now is a bit more rubyish and less rubbish
profile ver0.9.5: better docs and inclusions


Build Status

Sakura stands for "Swiss Army Knife Unnecessary Repository yet Awesome" :)

It's a very nice way to color your life, I guess. It also provides a lot of tools, aliases, .. that power your shell experience. If you're not a shell guy, you shouldn't be using it. If you are, you can have your shell PS1 to be changed to have the Italian flag, or Irish, or Argentinian, for instance. :)


This is my famous SVN which is becoming opensource!


Go to the directory where you want to 'install' this software. Then download the repo:

git clone git://
cat sakura/templates/bashrc.inject >> ~/.bashrc

Note. Any help is appreciated to make this changeable!


Everything in this repo is under the Creative Commons license, except where stated otherwise.


See doc/sakura-samples.txt for some more samples. For instant gratification try the following:

richelp ubuntu                                   # shows a richelp of my 'ubuntu' cheatsheet
richelp sakura synopsis                          # shows a richelp of my 'sakura' cheatsheet, grepping for 'synopsis'
ls | act                                         # randomly scrambles the lines! Taken from cat/cat ;)
ps | rainbow                                     # colors all lines differently
twice itunes -                                   # lowers volume of iTunes... twice :)
10 echo Bart Simpson likes it DRY                # tells you this 10 times. Paradoxal script
# See `docz/CHEATSHEET` for more!


For any comments, please subscribe to this User Group:

For borrow code and friends and thanks and some love, please see CREDITS.

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