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Cluster RabbitMQ 🐰

There are a lots of good options if you want to run a RabbitMQ cluster in docker. Here's an solution that only rely on docker official images πŸŽ‰

The main benifit with this approach is that you can use any version of RabbitMQ, which is maintaied by docker and will be up-to-date with future releases.


> git clone
> cd docker-rabbitmq-cluster
> docker-compose up

Most things will be how you expect:

  • The default username and password are guest/guest
  • The broker accepts connections on localhost:5672
  • The Management interface is found at localhost:15672


The .env file contains environment variables that can be used to change the default username, password and virtual host.

HA Proxy

This docker-compose.yml file comes with the latest version of HA Proxy, an open source software that provides a high availability load balancer and proxy server.

It should be fairly easy to add a port mapping for the individual containers if it is desired to connect to a specific broker node.

Read more

I wrote a blog post that explains some of the ideas behind this repo.