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Parity Shasper Documentation

This is an implementation of Serenity beacon chain by Parity Technologies. To learn more about Serenity and Ethereum's sharding plan, see the sharding FAQ and the research compendium.

Parity Shasper consists of a core library beacon which handles beacon chain state transition logic, a client built on Substrate framework (in substrate folder), and a lightweight client built from ground up (in blockchain folder). The substrate client and the blockchain client shares the core library, but operates independently.

To build the client, you need to have Rust installed. Other dependencies required including pkgconfig, libudev, openssl, cmake, clang.

substrate client

The substrate client is currently being reworked at this moment. Stay tuned!

blockchain client

The blockchain client uses spec archive LMD-GHOST consensus and Serenity beacon v0.8 runtime. The client implements a basic in-memory backend and networking stack based on libp2p. It also contains basic validator logic and can participate in beacon chain proposing and attestation.

To build the blockchain client:

cd ./blockchain && cargo run --release -- --author


Why common caching strategies for beacon and LMD-GHOST are not yet implemented?

Internally we made the decision that we will strictly follow the beacon chain specification for now, and implement optimizations after the specification is frozen. This is because the specification still changes a lot, and we worry that optimizations we make right now will make upgrading to a newer version of the specification much harder.


Licensed under GPLv3.


Parity Shasper beacon chain implementation using the Substrate framework.




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