Shasper beacon chain implementation using the Substrate framework.
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Substrate Shasper

Note: This is an experimental project. Everything will break, and it may disappear without any notice!

This is an implementation of Shasper beacon chain using the Substrate framework.


Currently we have a (mostly complete, but untested) implementation of Shasper state transition validation algorithms. This is then combined with Substrate's embedded consensus engine to provide a simple Substrate node implementation. In the future, this consensus engine will be replaced to comply with Shasper's fork choice rule specification.

Get Started

To build the project, first install rustup and wasm-gc:

rustup update stable
rustup update nightly
rustup target add wasm32-unknown-unknown --toolchain nightly
cargo +nightly install --git

After that, compile the WebAssembly runtime:

cd runtime/wasm && ./ && cd ../..

You can then execute the client:

cargo run -- --chain dev

However, before the block authoring logic is added, there's probably not much you can do!


Licensed under GPLv3.