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PGU - PyGame Utilities


pip install pygame-pgu

NOTE PGU is in need of more contributors. Email me ( or if you're interested in evolving the codebase.

A collection of handy utilities and libraries created by Phil Hassey, released under the LGPL v2.1 (see LICENSE.txt for more details).

The current PGU code base:

Old website location:


tileedit  -- edit tga based images
leveledit -- edit tga based levels in tile, isometric, and hexagonal formats
tganew    -- create tga files
levelfancy-- prettyify your levels

gui     -- gui with standard widget, dialogs, html, connections, and themes
html    -- html rendering utilities
layout  -- layout utilities
text    -- text rendering utilities

tilevid -- sprite and tile engine
isovid  -- isometric sprite and tile engine
hexvid  -- hexagonal sprite and tile engine (alpha)
engine  -- state engine
timer   -- a timer for games with set-rate FPS
high    -- high score tracking
ani     -- animation helpers
algo    -- helpful pathfinding algoritms
fonts   -- font wrappers, bitmapped fonts

Vera.ttf is from:
see that site for more information about the font.


To build the PGU documentation, run the script found under docs:

$ cd docs
$ python
$ your-favorite-browser index.html

To understand pgu.gui -- read: (pgu.gui is based heavily on my HTML background)

To understand the pgu.gui default theme -- read: (the theme uses the css 2 box model)

Example scripts can be found in the examples directory.


  • gal koren -- bugs, draft of html.HTML, suggestions, bug finding, ScrollArea widget, FileDialog, List, Console
  • fdarling -- testing, suggestions, bug fixing, code cleanup, menus & slider UI fixes, new Table class, reorganization of pgu.gui into a package
  • richard jones -- packaging, suggestions, code cleanup
  • jhofmann -- tiled preview in tileedit and PIL support
  • Dr. L. Humbert -- gui.Password widget
  • illume -- added auto-load features to tile & leveledit
  • python -- suggestions, bug finding, bug fixing (unicode)
  • Addison Hardy -- added ScrollArea to
  • dangrus -- testing, suggestions
  • piman -- testing, suggestions
  • coca-cola -- testing
  • tenoften -- testing
  • Joao S. O. Bueno - evolving the code base to Python3 (pygame 1.9.5)


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