Backend component of Concentrate – graphical tool for genomic data visualization
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Solvent is a server-side counterpart of Concentrate. Taken together they form a client-server system for genomic data visualization and filtering.

To getting started with Concentrate, please, see Getting Started guide.


To compile and run Solvent as back-end component you need the following:

To build stand-alone Concentrate distribution additional components for front-end assembly should be installed:

Note that on some Linux distributions you should add node to path, e.g. by:

ln -s /usr/bin/nodejs /usr/bin/node

to prevent /usr/bin/env: node: No such file or directory error.


To build stand-alone Concentrate use 'standalone' Maven profile:

mvn clean package -P standalone

To build Solvent without GUI run:

mvn clean package 

Both will produce WAR that can be directly executed by:

java -jar solvent-1.N.N-RELEASE.war

Or deployed on Tomcat server manually or using a command:

mvn tomcat7:deploy

Deploying parameters are specified in pom.xml and should be adopted to your environment.



To test back-end Solvent send GET HTTP request to:


It is necessary to specify Accept header:

Accept: application/json

Full API description is available in project Wiki.


To use Concentrate for genomic data browsing start Concentrate with:

java -jar concentrate-1.N.N-RELEASE.war

And go to the following address in your web-browser:


Concentrate UI should appear.

Work with references

This version of solvent grabs reference genome data from reference service. Reference service is a web application that provides access to genome sequences via RESTful API accompanied by web interface.

Publicly hosted reference service is available and can be accessed by the following URIs: