Sublime Text Plugin that allows you to perform the Extract Method refactoring in ruby code. Inspired by
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Sublime Text 2 plugin: Ruby Extract Method

A lightweight plugin that creates a method from the highlighted text and saves it to your clipboard.

Shortcut Keys

Windows / OSX / Linux:

  • ALT+M - Extract Method

How to perform the Extract Method refactoring in a Ruby file.

  1. Select the block of code you wish to put into a method and hit the Shortcut Key (Alt+M)
  2. Name the method
  3. Hit Enter
  4. Move your cursor to where you want to put the method, and hit Shift+Ctrl+V (paste with indent)

Hint: You can also redefine Ctrl+V as paste_with_indent, which will make this plugin a little more intuitive.


You have two options, the easier of which is to install this package through Package Control.

####Package Control

  1. Ensure Package Control is installed and Sublime Text 2 has been restarted.
  2. Open the Command Palette (Command+Shift+P on OS X, Control+Shift+P on Linux/Windows).
  3. Select "Package Control: Install Package"
  4. Select Ruby Extract Method when the list appears.

Congratulations! The package is now installed on your system.


$ git clone git:// RubyExtractMethod

Further instructions below.

Windows XP, 7 and 8

Execute the commands below one by one in your Command prompt.

$ cd "%APPDATA%\Sublime Text 2\Packages"
$ git clone git:// "RubyExtractMethod"


Execute the commands below one by one in your terminal.

$ cd ~/.config/sublime-text-2/Packages/
$ git clone git:// RubyExtractMethod


The plugin does not currently support multiple selections. If you select more than one block, only the first one will be used in method creation.