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MuraCon - Mura AMP'ed Up presentation
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Mura Amp'd Up

This is just an example of how to start making your site AMP Compatible.

For this to work:

  1. You must be on Mura 7.1.184 or greater

  2. Add this to your theme eventhandler.cfc in the onRenderStart();

<!--- Allows AMP to work --->
<cfif $.event('amp') eq 1>
	<cfset request.returnFormat='AMP'>
  1. Place the /amp_inc folder in the theme/templates

  2. In the html_head.cfm file place the following just below the feeds.

Replace blog and news with the sections of the site you wish to expose to AMP

<!--- MURA AMP --->
<cfif len($.content().getFileName())>
	<cfif listFindNoCase('Blog,News', $.content().getParent().getTitle()) >
		<link rel="amphtml" href="#$.content().getURL(complete='true')#?amp=1" />
  1. In the navbar.cfm wrap the standard cfml in the folowing <cfif>
<cfif request.returnFormat NEQ 'AMP'>
	<!--- Standard Mura Navbar Code --->
	<!--- Include AMP Header --->
	<div class="logo">
		<a href="#$.createHREF(filename=$.content('filename'))#">
			<amp-img src="#$.siteConfig('themeAssetPath')#/images/{-- your logo --}" height="50" width="150" alt="Mura AMP'd Up"></a>
  1. Lastly wrap the code in the templates you are using for the sections identified above in the folowing <cfif>
<cfif request.returnFormat NEQ 'AMP'>
	<!--- Your template code.  In my case the two_column_SR and the three_column --->
	<cfinclude template = "amp_inc/page_amp.cfm">
  1. Once complete you should be able to navigate to a designated amp page with ?amp=1 appended to the url and start validaiting your markup.

note for amp-youtube to work you'll need to create a Page/YouTube subtype and put the /page_youtube/ folder into the content_types directory.


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