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This is a proof of concept, and a partial solution.

It should be deployed in conjunction with:

  • non-numeric SIP usernames - don't just use your extension numbers
  • strong SIP passwords - you're only going to have to type it into your ATA once, make it long and complex
  • If you're using asterisk, make sure you set alwaysauthreject=yes in your sip.conf
  • Where possible, limit the number of simultaneous calls each SIP entity can make
  • Don't allow unauthenticated callers into a context that has exit points to other contexts
  • fail2ban is still useful

Known caveats:

  • The list of User-Agents may include clients that are legitimate in your network. You should review that before deploying.
  • We're using iptables string matching, I haven't tested this on a high throughput server. My hosts only handle a couple of dozen legitimate calls a day.
  • User-Agent matching isn't going to stop determined or compitent attackers, but it does reduce the noise to levels that makes them easier to spot
  • Some scanners use randomized User-Agent strings, which we can't currently spot. If you've got kprce and can do regex bases string matching in iptables, you may be able to do that yourself.

User-Agent Identification Methodology

Suspect User-Agents have been sourced from:

  • As many security papers as I could lay my hands on
  • A SIP Honeypot that I run in GCP, The logging code is GCP specific but is easy to strip out, the source can be found at
  • Scanning scripts that run on my Asterisk Servers

There are some experimental rules in there that block based on non-User-Agent indicators of sipvicious, these may expend over time.

The list of clients as provided may block your legitimate clients, it will allow through some scans.

Use it with care!


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