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@pazaan pazaan released this Nov 22, 2020

  • Bug fixes
  • Updated translations
  • Improved radio channel searching
  • Silenced pump sensor alerts time remaining added to Nightscout pump pill info
  • Chart / log visibility toggle by tapping top toolbar for users of fixed horizontal displays.
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@pazaan pazaan released this Nov 15, 2020

Bug fixes and updates:

  • Change app title from "Nightscout" to "600 Series Uploader" to avoid confusion when supporting users
  • Upgrade libraries
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@pazaan pazaan released this Aug 19, 2019

Bug fixes and updates:

  • Bug fixes and Tweaks
  • Better logging
  • Android 8/9 improvements
  • Translations updated
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@pazaan pazaan released this Aug 4, 2019

  • Bug fixes
  • Updates for integration with Android 8 and 9
  • CNL stability and reading efficiency improvements
  • Automation to handle profiles and dynamic setting changes
  • Pump based event markers and reminders
  • Pump alerts and alarms viewable in Nightscout
  • Customisable events and alerts sent to any device using Pushover integration
  • Estimation of sg values when a calibration is missed or whenever the pump stops showing sg due to sensor error or sensor expired
  • ISIG reporter automatically shows during warm-up or sensor error states
  • Language localisation

Language translation is ongoing, please help with checking and completion for your locality.
Thanks to all out contributors!

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@pazaan pazaan released this Feb 3, 2018

Bug fixes and updates:

  • fix: Nightscout status check failing due to malformed user settings
  • fix: null values for serialised status items
  • fix: TZ date formats not good for some browsers
  • fix: basal pattern naming option crash
  • add: Nightscout alarm triggers for calibration and expired sensor
  • add: option to change Grams Per Exchange value
  • add: option to use old method for requesting USB permission
  • add: messaging for busy states
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@pazaan pazaan released this Jan 26, 2018

@Pogman has been a busy beaver!

  • Automatically builds Nightscout profile from pump settings
  • New setting to read and back-fill historical CGM data
  • Upload treatments, adding bolus information and carbs
  • Supports operating without CGM data (fingerstick and bolus entries only)
  • Adds support for basal rates
  • Adds support for 670G Auto Mode
  • Crash fixes
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@pazaan pazaan released this Jul 25, 2017

  • Further improvements to polling
  • Crash fixes
  • Fix fingerstick BG reporting
  • Refresh the display correctly after polling from the pump
  • Add icons to log entries
  • Add auto-scrolling to status log
  • Fix trend arrows truncated on some phones
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@pazaan pazaan released this Jul 5, 2017

You will need to re-add your Nightscout URL and API Secret after installing this update

  • Improvements to pump polling to avoid radio interference
  • An auto-update feature
  • Rebadging from 640G to 600 Series
  • Tracking of fingetstick BGs
  • Reduced polling period when pump battery is low
  • Adds a setting for reduced polling when pump battery is low
  • Adds a QR scanner to configure Nightscout using
  • Stability fixes
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@pazaan pazaan released this Dec 27, 2016

  • Remove dependency on CareLink login. No more CareLink login issues!
  • @jamorham added support for local broadcast to xDrip+
  • @volkerrichert made improvements to prevent devices going to sleep in Android versions later than Kit Kat.
  • Stability fixes
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@pazaan pazaan released this Jun 30, 2016

Fix to ensure that Nightscout API key can be 12 characters.

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