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This is pop3client.

A simple POP3 client implementation. It should be RFC 1939 compliant.
It can be used to either download a list of available messages or
download specific message by its ID. See USAGE for more information.

    On most Linux-based operating systems simple `make` should suffice.
    Build on other Unix-like system wasn't tested yet.

    Build on Windows isn't supported and in order to compile this software
    on Windows you might have to make some modifications. Most likely in
    getPassword() function in main.cpp.

    ./pop3client -h hostname [-p port] -u username  [id]
        -h hostname     remote IP address or hostname
        -p port         remote TCP port
        -u username     username
        id              id of the message to download

    If you supply message ID via the id argument respective message will be
    downloaded and printed do stdout. To obtain list of available messages
    omit the id argument.

    When there are no messages available on the server, a notice is printed
    on stdout.

    Sources are documented with doxygen. To generate documentation write

        make doc

    The documentation will be generated into doc/ in html and latex version.

    This software is licensed under GNU GPLv3. See COPYING file for more information.