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A Hyper theme based on night-owl-vscode-theme.
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Matt Parrish
Matt Parrish feat: Make border colors more obvious.
This improves usage of plugins like hyperlayout
so the each terminal is more clearly indicated
with borders.
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hyper-night-owl is a beautiful theme for the Hyper terminal based on the Night Owl VS Code dark theme, which is optimized for working at night, accessibility, and colorblindness.

This code for this theme is based on the Verminal Hyper terminal theme.



version downloads MIT License

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🛠 Install

Installing the hyper-night-owl theme for your Hyper terminal couldn't be easier.

Hyper's built-in CLI (hyper)
  1. hyper i hyper-night-owl
  2. Enjoy hyper-night-owl.
  1. Open ~/.hyper.js in your favorite editor.
  2. Add hyper-night-owl to the plugins array.
  3. Enjoy hyper-night-owl.

⚙️ Configure

By default, hyper-night-owl aims to deliver a beautiful experience out of the box. By default, it does not supply a transparent background, however, if you'd like to have this, I recommend installing and configuring the hyper-opacity plugin.

⚡️ Contribute

If you would like to help improve this themes, you're more than welcome to contribute.

  1. Fork this repository to your own GitHub account.
  2. Clone to your local device: git clone<your_github_username>/hyper-night-owl.git
  3. Run the setup script: npm run setup
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