Convenience functions for creating link widgets to types
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Yesod links

import Yesod.Links

instance YesodLinked MySite where
    type Linked = MySite

Make concise link-widgets by defining how things should be represented as links.

-- * Make linking to any specific route simpler
instance IsLink MySiteRoute where
    toLink RootR  = Link (Internal RootR)  "go home"         "home"
    toLink AboutR = Link (Internal AboutR) "about this site" "about"

getRootR :: Handler RepHtml
getRootR = defaultLayout $ do

        be sure to visit our ^{link AboutR} page.


-- * Use it for more than just routes
data Post = Post
    { postSlug  :: Text
    , postTitle :: Text
    , postDescr :: Text

instance IsLink Post where
    toLink (Post s t d) = Link (Internal $ PostR s) d t

getIndexR :: Handler RepHtml
getIndexR = defaultLayout do

            $forall post <- posts
                <li>^{link post}


-- * Bypass the IsLink instance and use the raw link' function for 
--   external links
getAboutR :: Handler RepHtml
getAboutR = defaultLayout $ do

        be sure to checkout my ^{link' github} profile.


        github :: Link MySite
        github = Link (External "") "my github repos" "github"