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My MacVim setup.
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colors Switched to modified Jellybeans color scheme.
swap Swap directory preserved by .keep file.
.gitignore Git ignores .netrwhist, written when vim opens a dir instead of a file.
.gitmodules vim-go plugin installed, configured to use goimports. less wrong, more future-proof.
vimrc vim-go plugin installed, configured to use goimports.


Nicely commented .vimrc, 256-color, and a useful set of plugins managed by pathogen.

I run it in tmux inside (non-Lion) full-screen iTerm2 with xterm-256color profile.

# backup what you've got
mv .vim .vim-backup
mv .vimrc .gvimrc .vim-backup

# grab from GitHub
git clone --recursive git:// .vim

# symlink the rc file into your home directory
ln -s .vim/vimrc .vimrc

Some posts that helped me in the early days:

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