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NOTE: I am abandoning this project in favor of yari.  I have added
the same button features to yari that I added to ri-emacs.  ri-emacs
is just too fragile to maintain since the interfaces to rdoc keep
changing.  yari calls "ri" directly so it is far more stable.  Also,
I plan to add some features to yari to interact with rvm better.
By calling ri via rvm along with adding project specific rdoc
directories, emacs will be able to access the documentation specific
to the project's version of Ruby, gems, and internal documentation.

Please see:

Original README Follows:::

ri-emacs is a package to bind ruby's ri function to a key (usually
control-H r) The ri-ruby.el file has a brief how to for installing

Currently this is working for me.  I'm running it on a Mac with
10.5, emacs 23.1, and ruby 1.9.1 p243.  It is suppose to be able
to work with both levels of rdoc (new version 2 and older version).
And I use to use it with Ruby 1.8.6 and emacs 22.  But I find the
whole thing very touchy and hard to keep working.

Hopefully, you will be able to find it useful.

The original author is Kristof Bastiaensen <>

I'm posting my changes here with his permission.  My name is Perry
Smith.  You can reach me at <>.

Probably 90% of the code is the original code.  I've mostly just
worked on it to keep it working for me.  The one big feature I added
is when a page is displayed, it has "hot" areas that you can click
and it will take you to the ruby info for that item.  For example,
if you do help on Strings, each of the methods will be hot so you
can click on it and it will take you to String#to_i for example.

There is also tons of debugging support in both the lisp and the
ruby code so that you can see what is happening.