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How do I pronounce rubyfmt

  • en: Ruby format
  • jp: ルビーフォーマット

Does it work right now?

No, but it's getting really close

How do I use it

Build it:

  1. Make sure you've got cargo installed
  2. Run make all
  3. Copy target/release/rubyfmt-main to somewhere on your path as rubyfmt

Rubyfmt supports the following CLI invocations:

  • <whatever> | rubyfmt pipe from standard in
  • rubyfmt filename to format a file to stdout
  • rubyfmt -i files or directories format files and directories in place
  • rubyfmt directory to format all ruby files in that directory in place

Useful environment variables:

  • RUBYFMT_DISABLE_SZUSH=1: disables the backend render queue writer, very useful for debugging, literally useless if you're not developing rubyfmt itself.

Editor Support


We aren't currently tested with any vim plugin managers, however, adding the plugin from a git clone is fairly easy:

  • Run cargo build --release
  • Add source /path/to/rubyfmt.vim to your ~/.vimrc (e.g. my dotfiles please note, this line is commented)
  • Add let g:rubyfmt_path = /path/to/target/release/rubyfmt-main beneath the source line

Visual Studio Code

Rubyfmt is a supported formatter in the popular vscode ruby extension. You should copy rubyfmt-main to be called rubyfmt on your PATH . Once installed, add the following to vscode's settings.json file:

  "ruby.useLanguageServer": true,
  "ruby.format": "rubyfmt",
  "[ruby]": {
      "editor.formatOnSave": true

RubyMine (and similar Jetbrains family IDE)

Install the File Watchers plugin and configue it like shown below.

See this reference on using file watchers to learn more.

Sublime Text

Install the rubyfmt plugin from Package Control: Install Package -> rubyfmt.

Ruby files are formatted on save or by pressing Alt + ; or on macOS: Cmd + ;. rubyfmt is assumed to be on path.

Overridable default settings:

  "ruby_executable": "ruby",
  "rubyfmt_executable": "rubyfmt",
  "format_on_save": true,


Install the rubyfmt package from Settings > Packages.

Ruby files are formatted on save or by pressing Alt + ; or on macOS: Cmd + ; rubyfmt is assumed to be on path. See the package settings for more options.


Please checkout our contributing guide