An LTZ1000-based 7V reference (circuit by Andreas)
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PX Ref

This is an LTZ1000-based 7V reference.

Specifically, this is my board layout of a circuit published by Andreas (of the EEVBlog forum), which in turn is a modification of the 7V reference circuit from the datasheet.

Latest revision

Revision history:

  • v2.4.1
    • Used larger pads on the TO-99 footprint (easier to solder).
    • Moved the input and (buffered) output caps directly onto the board.
  • v2.4
    • The board is slightly smaller and fits within a TEKO 371.16 enclosure.
    • The chassis-ground jumper has been removed (these can now be linked with a small wire).
    • The center pin of the R4/R5 divider has been exposed ("T SET") for off-board manipulation.
    • The LTC2057 shutdown pins have been exposed for off-board control.
  • v2.3
    • The "b" variant has been merged back into a single board design (R4, R5 and R45 are now all on the same board design).
    • The LTC2057 shutdown pins are now left floating.
  • v2.2, v2.2b
    • 2.2 uses a single divider footprint (called R45) for R4 and R5.
    • 2.2b uses separate footprints for R4 and R5.
    • An output buffer was added (LTC2057).
    • Errata:
      • A mistake was made with the LTC2057 shutdown pins which will result in self-heating of a few degrees in the LTC2057. The work-around is to disconnect pins 1 and 8 of the LTC2057.
  • v2.1
    • Added a jumper to optionally link GND to a chassis standoff.
    • Used smaller capacitor footprints.
    • Exposed the star ground as a solderable terminal.
    • Switched D1 from a 1N4001 to a 1N4148.
    • Used smaller footprints for D1 and D2.
    • Errata:
      • Andreas capacitor C15 was accidentally left off of this board design. This cap isn't critical, but a work-around is to bodge a 0.1uF cap across pins 5-6 of the LT1013.
  • v2
    • Switched to a simpler, 2-layer, 50mm x 50mm board design.
  • v1
    • First design. 4-layer with via stitching for a mild EMI shielding effect.
    • This board was never ordered and tested.


Andreas' original schematic: png

My adapted version of Andreas' schematic: pdf


You can order a copy of this board from OSHPark: link


My posts to the EEVBlog forum about this design: link link

The naming of this board was inspired by other LTZ1000 references: KX, FX, MX, CX, QX

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