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Pera Wallet

Simply the best Algorand wallet.

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  1. pera-wallet pera-wallet Public

    Source code for Pera Wallet, simply the best Algorand wallet.

    Swift 177 62

  2. connect connect Public

    JavaScript SDK for integrating Pera Wallet to web applications.

    TypeScript 63 17

  3. onramp onramp Public

    Pera Onramp JavaScript SDK

    TypeScript 14 3

  4. pera-web-wallet pera-web-wallet Public

    Pera Web Wallet Application

    TypeScript 13 11

  5. connect-examples connect-examples Public

    Example applications for `@perawallet/connect`

    JavaScript 3 2

  6. pera-demo-dapp pera-demo-dapp Public

    Example dApp for Pera Wallet

    TypeScript 3 1


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