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What is perfSONAR?

perfSONAR is a set of independent software services that implement the perfSONAR protocols for network performance monitoring. As with other implementations of the perfSONAR standard, all services offer protocol compatibility. The key feature of this software is the ability to federate between deployments, particularly those that span multiple domains, making the job of solving end-to-end performance problems on paths crossing several networks much easier to address. See for more information.

What to expect from this wiki

This wiki is designed to be a forum where developers can collect and share ideas. This includes information such as:

  • Documentation on building, packaging and maintaining the perfSONAR source code
  • Project planning for future perfSONAR releases
  • Managing the test and release process of the perfSONAR components
  • Notes from developer meetings
  • Best practices and style guidelines for writing code
  • Organizing developer support rotations
  • Proposing a new design or idea for the perfSONAR development team to consider
  • Sharing experiences with a new tool or process that may not quite be ready for the production perfSONAR environment

A lot of this information may only be of interest to developers, but our hope is that by publishing all of the above on this public wiki, the perfSONAR development process will be as transparent as possible.

What NOT to expect from this wiki

This wiki is NOT a good resource for any of the following:

  • Information on installing, configuring and using perfSONAR
  • Learning about perfSONAR for the first time
  • Downloading the latest perfSONAR releases
  • Getting information about security updates
  • Finding answers to commonly asked support questions
  • Anything else not related to keeping the development team organized

If you need any of the above be sure to check our homepage, install documentation or join one of our mailing lists as they are much better resources for this type of information.

Learning More

You may learn more about the perfSONAR project on our homepage. Developers may consider joining our developer mailing list. Note that we try to keep the list limited only to those actively working on perfSONAR code (or those managing them). If you are just looking to track the progress of the project or ask for help please consider joining our user and announcement lists.

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