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Graphs GUI Testing Checklist

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UI tests

  • Do graphs generated from “Details” links on pS toolkit pages launch successfully in a new tab?
  • Does “Loading” spinner and text appear correctly?
  • Does “Share/open in new window” link work on copy/paste and when clicked?
  • Are the source and destination fields populated with hostname and IP address?
  • Does the report range detail show dates, times, and configured TZ?
  • Does the range selector dropdown display the appropriate time scales?
    • 12 hours
    • 1 day
    • 3 days
    • 1 week
    • 1 month
    • 1 year
  • Do the range selector arrows shift the range by the configured value?
  • For each available time scale, does the X-axis auto-scale to the expected interval?
  • Does gesture-based scaling of the X-axis work as expected?
  • Does the graph initially populate with all test parameters enabled/toggled on?
  • Can each test parameter be toggled off as expected?
  • Do graph Y-axes auto-scale when parameters are enabled/disabled?
  • Do detailed results appear in an overlay when a user hovers over a given point on the graph?
  • Are all values represented on the graph also displayed in the overlay? (note that not all host pairs will have all values since they don’t run all the tests -- so ideally, find a host pair that’s running everything).
    • Throughput
      • [value]
      • [protocol]
      • [retrans count]
      • [test tool]
    • Loss
      • [value]
      • [test type]
      • [test tool]
    • Latency - make sure both owamp and ping show up
      • [value]
      • [protocol or test type]
      • [test tool]
    • Failures
      • [test type]
      • [protocol]
      • [error message]
      • [tool]
  • Are there rendering issues or other unexpected behaviors within the graph UI? If so, which browsers/versions/OS/device types are affected?
    • Chrome
      • Windows
      • MacOS
      • Android
      • iOS
    • Firefox
      • Windows
      • MacOS
      • Android
      • iOS
    • Safari
      • MacOS
      • iOS
  • Does toggling many parameters on and off rapidly affect the performance of the UI?
  • Does toggling a given parameter only affect the visibility of that parameter within the UI? Or does toggling a certain test parameter on/off affect the visibility of other parameter types? In which scenarios is either condition true? Where they exist, do these dependencies behave as expected?

UX tests

  • Does the graph tool respond gracefully when a user visits /perfsonar-graphs/ without specifying parameters?
  • Do graphs generated from “Details” links on pS toolkit pages reflect the same reporting range as the “Results for the last…” selector value within pS toolkit?
  • Does the range selector fail gracefully when a user attempts to select a date range in the future?
  • Can a user select only the Y-axes that interest them?
  • Does the latency graph reflect negative values as invalid?
  • Are result details rendered on hover readable within the boundaries of the user’s screen?
  • Does the user have sufficient cues to understand how to rescale the graph using gestures, keyboard shortcuts, or UI elements?
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