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Document sub MAIN usage cares about WHY on candidates

Looking at the code it also cares about .WHYs on individual
parameters, but I don't know Pod enough to figure out how to
set those.
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zoffixznet committed Jan 13, 2018
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@@ -985,6 +985,7 @@ C<MAIN> sub but the resulting exit code will always be zero (success).
To provide an exit code different from 0,
call L<exit|>.
#|(optional description for USAGE message)
sub MAIN( Int :$length = 24,
:file($data) where { .IO.f // die "file not found in $*CWD" } = 'file.dat',
Bool :v(:$verbose) #`( either --verbose or -v ) )
@@ -1032,7 +1033,10 @@ If no multi candidate of C<MAIN> is found for the given command line
parameters, the sub C<USAGE> is called. If no such method is found,
the compiler will output a default generated usage message.
sub MAIN(Int $i){ say $i == 42 ?? 'answer' !! 'dunno' }
#|(is it the answer)
multi MAIN(Int $i){ say $i == 42 ?? 'answer' !! 'dunno' }
#|(divide two numbers)
multi MAIN($a, $b){ say $a/$b }
sub USAGE(){
print Q:c:to/EOH/;
@@ -1043,7 +1047,9 @@ the compiler will output a default generated usage message.
The default usage message is available inside C<sub USAGE> via read-only
C<$*USAGE> variable.
C<$*USAGE> variable. It will be generated based on available C<sub MAIN>
candidates and their parameters. You can specify additional extended
description for each candidate using C<#|(...)> Pod block to set L<WHY>.
=end pod

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