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IRC bot for executing Perl 6 code
Perl Shell
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This is an IRC bot, which is designed to execute Perl 6 commands from IRC, and
echo the output on IRC again.
Currently it runs as nick "camelia" on freenode, in #perl6 and other channels.

Might also work for other languages :-)

To add a new execution target, conduct the following steps:

 * build it on the server
 * write a script that updates the repo and rebuilds. Store it in the evalbot
   repo under build-scripts/rebuild-<targetname>.sh or .pl
 * add a cron job for regular rebuilding (crontab -e)
 * add the target to %impls in
 * push everything
 * pull on the server
 * restart evalbot

The Rakudo Star releases aren't automatically built. To update to a new
release, conduct the following steps:

* log in as the user that runs the evalbot
* download the rakudo-star-YYYY.MM.tar.gz tarball
* unpack, build install:

    tar xzf rakudo-star-YYYY.MM.tar.gz
    cd rakudo-star-YYYY-MM
    perl --backends=all --gen-moar && make && make install
    echo YYYY.MM > install/version
    cd ..

* symlink to star:

    rm star; ln -s rakudo-star-YYYY.MM/install
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