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Fix a whitespace-o in

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1 parent 179a148 commit 88e53e7efee19b13a15448f5037d5fe8c01118a0 @tadzik tadzik committed Jan 18, 2011
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@@ -367,7 +367,7 @@ $(OPS_DIR)/$(OPS)$(LOAD_EXT): $(OPS_DIR)/$(OPS_SOURCE) $(DYNPMC)
cd src/metamodel/reprs && $(CC) -c @cc_o_out@P6int$(O) -I../../../$(PMC_DIR) $(CINCLUDES) $(CFLAGS) P6int.c
cd src/metamodel/reprs && $(CC) -c @cc_o_out@P6str$(O) -I../../../$(PMC_DIR) $(CINCLUDES) $(CFLAGS) P6str.c
cd src/metamodel/reprs && $(CC) -c @cc_o_out@P6num$(O) -I../../../$(PMC_DIR) $(CINCLUDES) $(CFLAGS) P6num.c
- cd src/metamodel && $(CC) -c @cc_o_out@multi_dispatch$(O) -I../../$(PMC_DIR) $(CINCLUDES) $(CFLAGS) multi_dispatch.c
+ cd src/metamodel && $(CC) -c @cc_o_out@multi_dispatch$(O) -I../../$(PMC_DIR) $(CINCLUDES) $(CFLAGS) multi_dispatch.c
cd $(OPS_DIR) && $(LD) @ld_out@$(OPS)$(LOAD_EXT) $(OPS)$(O) $(METAMODEL_OBJS) $(LINKARGS)
bootstrap-files: $(STAGE2_PBCS) $(SETTING_NQP)

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