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A bleeding fast ledger with a powerful compute layer.
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Wavelet Releases

Official releases of the Perlin Wavelet ledger. For more info, read our blog post and refer to our wiki page.


Binary archives are published as GitHub releases.

Table of Contents


The Perlin Wavelet project comes with several wrappers/executables.

Command Description
wavelet The main Wavelet CLI client. It runs a testnet node (private network) and also allows for remote API access. Refer to the Wavelet CLI wiki page for command line options.
wctl Utility tool to interact with a Wavelet client. Please see our wctl wiki page for details.

Getting Started

To get started running Wavelet, download one of the pre-built release binaries from our GitHub releases page. We currently support Linux and OSX (x64 only). Binaries for Windows are included but not fully supported.


To test Wavelet on a local cluster, run the following commands in 2 terminals. Wavelet requires a minimum of 2 nodes to be connected with each other at all times.

[terminal 1] > ./wavelet --port 3000 --db.path testdb_1 --api.port 9000
[terminal 2] > ./wavelet --port 3001 --db.path testdb_2 \
    --private_key_file random \
    --peers tcp://localhost:3000

To send a transaction, type the following command into terminal 1: p [public_key] 5 replacing [public_key] with the second client's generated public key. This sends 5 PERLs (Perlin tokens) to the second client.

> Enter a message: p bfba6b298c9ff9beb1848d8dbd0fa4ceb2967dce3913eeaa91376fb1db27c284 5
2018-11-07T14:00:48-05:00 |INFO| Success! Your payment transaction ID: 478ad5e199db74ebcde14c90b24fe74cbdc9521c9625f5b2ac4f6f304cd8cb88

In terminal 2, you can check the balance with the following command.

> Enter a message: w
2018-11-07T14:01:41-05:00 |INFO| Here is your wallet information. balance: 5 id: bfba6b298c9ff9beb1848d8dbd0fa4ceb2967dce3913eeaa91376fb1db27c284 nonce: 9 stake: 0

Running Wavelet

Starting Wavelet with no arguments will launch the client with the default settings listening for connections on port 3000. It saves ledger state data to directory testdb.

❯ ./wavelet
2018-11-07T14:03:09-05:00 |INFO| Database has been loaded. db_path: testdb
2018-11-07T14:03:09-05:00 |INFO| Successfully seeded the genesis of this node. file: genesis.json num_accounts: 1
2018-11-07T14:03:09-05:00 |INFO| Registered transaction processor service. module: cloud.wasm
2018-11-07T14:03:09-05:00 |INFO| Registered transaction processor service. module: contract.wasm
2018-11-07T14:03:09-05:00 |INFO| Registered transaction processor service. module: money.wasm
2018-11-07T14:03:09-05:00 |INFO| Registered transaction processor service. module: stake.wasm
2018-11-07T14:03:09-05:00 |INFO| Keypair loaded. private_key: 6d6fe0c2bc913c0e3e497a0328841cf4979f932e01d2030ad21e649fca8d47fe71e6c9b83a7ef02bae6764991eefe53360a0a09be53887b2d3900d02c00a3858 public_key: 71e6c9b83a7ef02bae6764991eefe53360a0a09be53887b2d3900d02c00a3858
2018-11-07T14:03:09-05:00 |INFO| Listening for peers. address=tcp://
Enter a message:

Configuration file

As an alternative to passing the flags to the wavelet binary, you can also pass a configuration file. For all configuration options, refer to the Configuration file section of the wiki.

> ./wavelet --config /path/to/your_config.toml

Interacting with Wavelet

You can interact with Wavelet in several ways.

Directly through the client

In the Wavelet command line mode, you can directly enter commands through the console. The following is a list of supported commands.

  • w [public_key]: View details about a wallet. If public_key is not specified, it retrieves the client's wallet information.
  • p [public_key] [amount]: Pay amount to a wallet given its public key.
  • tx [tx_id]: Returns details about transaction with tx_id.
  • c [smart_contract_path]: Deploy a smart contract at specified path.
  • ps [stake_amount]: Register as a validator with a placed stake amount.
  • ws [stake_amount]: Withdraw stake amount from your stake as a validator.

Programatically using wctl

With the wctl application, you can send remote API commands to a Wavelet client if the API option is enabled. Refer to the wctl wiki page for usage instructions.

> ./wctl send_transaction \ ${API_HOST} --api.port ${API_PORT} \
    --api.private_key_file ${PRIVATE_KEY_FILE} \
    transfer '{"recipient": "${PUBLIC_KEY}", "amount": ${AMOUNT}}"

Web UI

To interact with your wavelet node through the browser, see the Lens project.

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