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RDF-based annotations for Perseids
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Plokamos is a web-client for creating, editing and viewing annotations in controlled vocabularies.

Plokamos is meant to be applied onto web-content using the Open Annotation address and selector scheme to anchor annotations in their target data. Currently it is restricted to text-based annotation with the OA:TextQuoteSelector but extending it to further types of selectors that can annotate other kinds of data sources is planned for the near future.

The annotation body is expressed as linked data using controlled vocabularies and ontologies that Plokamos retrieves from a remote triple store. The data architecture allows for segmenting and merging the individual annotations according to a range of parameters, enabling collaboration between users and across single documents or entire collections/corpora.


After being applied onto a web-content, Plokamos provides a static bar at the bottom of the window as well as a Bootstrap Popover UI control.


Plokamos uses Rollup.js as its build system. After installing its dependencies with bower install & npm install, the command to compile the source into a monolithic JS file is simply rollup -c. Currently rdfstore-js is not being compiled and needs to be provided manually. Likewise, styling from the annotator.css file needs to be available for the UI to display correctly.

Currently, Plokamos is meant to be used as a plugin to the Nemo/Capitains CTS web interface. The plugin provides configuration of the document ID and the address of a remote triple store via HTML data attributes.



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