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Shut Up Bird

Archive and delete your Twitter posts.

You'd like to get rid of your old tweets or likes but still have them nicely organized somewhere? Or maybe you want to setup a cron to regularly clean up your timeline?

This tool creates an ePub e-book from a range of Twitter posts or likes and then (optionally) deletes them from your timeline.


Requires Python 2.7 or 3.x.


To install on ArchLinux from AUR run:

yaourt -S shut-up-bird


Run make or pip install -r requirements.txt.


Create a new Twitter application. The name shouldn't matter.

Open the new Twitter app's Permissions page and make sure Read, Write and Access direct messages is selected, otherwise the tool will not be able to delete any tweets.

Run without any parameters to initialize the tool:

$ python2 shut-up-bird.py
Please provide your Twitter app access keys

Enter the consumer API key:

Consumer API Key: <25-chars>

Enter the consumer API secret:

Consumer API Secret: <50-chars>

A Twitter authentication request page should automatically open in your browser. If not, or if you're running this on a server somewhere, open the url generated below in a browser yourself.

Authenticating ...please wait
Opening url - https://api.twitter.com/oauth/authorize?oauth_token=<token>

Accept the Twitter authorization request and enter the verification code back to the console:

Verification PIN code: 7654321

All authorization parameters will now be saved to your home directory, i.e., ~/.shut-up-bird.conf.

That's it. You're ready to go. 👌


Show help 👀

python2 shut-up-bird.py -h 

Archive all tweets posted before the tweet with id 123456789012345678. Tweets will be saved in descending date order. No tweets will be deleted.

python2 shut-up-bird.py -v -id 123456789012345678

The same as above but skips all replies and retweets.

python2 shut-up-bird.py -v -id 123456789012345678 -rt -re

Archive all tweets until Dec 31, 2014 and then delete them from your Twitter timeline. Tweets will be saved in ascending date order. Verbose logs will be displayed.

python2 shut-up-bird.py -v --max-date "2014-12-31" --asc --remove 

Archive all likes until Dec 31, 2014 and then delete them from Twitter. Likes will be saved in ascending date order. Verbose logs will be displayed.

python2 shut-up-bird.py -v --likes --max-date "2014-12-31" --asc --remove

Generated ePub files can be found in the sub folder ./shut-up-bird.arch, e.g., ./shut-up-bird.arch/2017-03-05_1000/tweets.epub.

Note that you must explicitly specify the --remove option in order to delete tweets or likes. Tweets or likes will be deleted only after an ePub file was successfully created first.


MIT License


Please note that I SHALL NOT be held liable in case you lose your data using this script!