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Sitemaps, Canonical URLS, and other important SEO bits
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script/plugin install git://
script/generate seo_kit

What you get

Canonical link tag helpers

This is handy if you're using friendly_id or you have more than one way to see an instance of a particular model. Setting a canonical URL of the URL generated by the path helpers will ensure that search engines recognize the duplicate content and do not split page rank.

In your controllers:

def show
  @user = User.find(params[:id])
  canonical_url @user

In your views:

<%= canonical_link_tag %>


 = canonical_link_tag

If you have app/views/layouts/application.html.haml and a "=yield :head"" call set up, then this is set up for you by default.

Sitemap Generators

The route /sitemap.xml will produce a valid sitemap for you. To update which models are included in the sitemap, see


Add downcased model names to the SITEMAP_MODELS array to include more models. The kit ships with the user model set up for sitemapping (which is a bad idea if you do not have public profiles for your users):


If you have a blog site, then do this:

SITEMAP_MODELS = %w(post comment category user)

To include named routes or other URLs that we can't use generators (e.g. pages controlled by high_voltage), you can list them in the SITEMAP_URLS field. For example:




I strongly recommend that you also install the "friendly_id" plugin and use it to generate well-named links for your important models. Be sure to set canonical_urls on the show action in your controllers for these objects, since they will be addressable in two ways:

http://host/users/1 http://host/users/fasteragile

You want the canonical_url to be http://host/users/fasteragile

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