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Music written in Javascript

This project demonstrates writing music in Javascript. In the beginning I used NodeJS with MIDI to control a synth, and then got into 4klang which is a very compact but extremely powerful synth, which finally inspired me to atttempt writing a synth in WebAssembly running entirely in the browser.

Webassembly music in the browser

This is a live-coding environment for music running entirely in the browser, synthesizing music in webassembly using AssemblyScript.

You can test it yourself here (remove the gist url parameter if you want a clean project ):

Demo videos:

Sources are in the wasmaudioworklet folder.

There are also more resources like articles and earlier versions at


My experiments with the 4klang synth can be found int the 4klang folder.

If you just want to listen to the songs:

You may check out the windows exe of the "first attempt" song (link to zip with exe found in video description):


My first attempt on writing music with Javascript used NodeJS with MIDI routed to ZynAddSubFX for the sounds

And you can listen to the song songs/upbeat.js here:

Run directly from nodejs, only dependes on the node midi package, and connect to a midi device.