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Implementation of clipped action policy gradient (CAPG) with PPO and TRPO
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Clipped Action Policy Gradient

This repository contains the implementation of CAPG ( with PPO and TRPO.


  • Chainer v4.1.0
  • ChainerRL latest master
  • OpenAI Gym v0.9.4 with MuJoCo envs

Use requirements.txt to install dependencies.

pip install -r requirements.txt

How to run

# Run PPO with PG and CAPG for 1M steps
python --env Humanoid-v1
python --env Humanoid-v1 --use-clipped-gaussian

# Run TRPO with PG and CAPG for 10M steps
python --env Humanoid-v1 --steps 10000000
python --env Humanoid-v1 --steps 10000000 --use-clipped-gaussian

The figure below shows average returns of training episodes of TRPO with PG and CAPG, both of which are trained for 10M timesteps on Humanoid-v1. See the paper for more results.

BibTeX entry

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MIT License.

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