Making sure your provenance is all good
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Making sure your provenance is all good.

This project is an implementation of the W3C Constraints of the PROV Data Model using SPARQL.

##Current Status##

  • Be kind - this is super alpha software
  • You can find the code in provcheck/
  • All constraints defined in the documented are implemented.
  • Passing (279/280) test cases: all 157 unit tests, 81 prov-o examples and 40/41 prov-dm examples as defined in the PROV-Constraints Test Case Guide
  • Uses a lot of sparql 1.1
  • Currently, only supports qualified "style" prov forms
  • Works only with prov-o serializations


  • Support expansion of short forms
  • Do a check of all blank node handling
  • Recheck that all inferences are correctly handled
  • Nice documentation
  • Add a license
  • Separate sparql queries out from code
  • Remote check

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