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IRIDA is Canada’s Integrated Rapid Infectious Disease Analysis Platform for Genomic Epidemiology. More information can be found in the following links.

Important Links

Contributing to IRIDA

IRIDA is primarily developed by the IRIDA consortium, but the development team is happy to accept contributions from the community. See our contributing guide for more information.

Contact the IRIDA Team

  • To ask general or usage questions, email the IRIDA team at
  • Report bugs, suggest features, or contribute code on GitHub
  • Chat with the developers on Gitter


The IRIDA manuscript is in preparation. A preprint is available on bioRxiv:

Thomas C Matthews, Franklin R Bristow, Emma J Griffiths, Aaron Petkau, Josh Adam, Damion Dooley, Peter Kruczkiewicz, John Curatcha, Jennifer Cabral, Dan Fornika, Geoffrey L. Winsor, Melanie Courtot, Claire Bertelli, Ataollah Roudgar, Pedro Feijao, Philip Mabon, Eric Enns, Joel Thiessen, Alexander Keddy, Judith Isaac-Renton, Jennifer L. Gardy, Patrick Tang, The IRIDA Consortium, João A Carriço, Leonid Chindelevitch, Cedric Chauve, Morag R Graham, Andrew G McArthur, Eduardo N Taboada, Robert G Beiko, Fiona SL Brinkman, William WL Hsiao, Gary Van Domselaar. 2018. The Integrated Rapid Infectious Disease Analysis (IRIDA) Platform. bioRxiv 381830; doi:

Additional related publications are available on